Hiring quality salespeople is crucial to the future success of your business. The heart and soul of any product-oriented business lie within its sales team. Here are five qualities and skills that sales managers should look for when interviewing job candidates:


The ability to keep after tough sales without backing down is an invaluable characteristic of a prospective salesperson. A quality salesperson will not be discouraged by setbacks and will continue to pursue the lead. An attitude of resilience also keeps the employee from taking rejection too personally. This persistence will always pay big dividends down the road.


Although you want to avoid hiring an overly arrogant salesperson, a dose of self-confidence is a necessary quality for any sales position. Having the confidence to approach customers and act in an assertive yet helpful manner will inevitably produce big results. Confident salespeople also exude vital qualities of competitiveness and self-awareness, both helpful traits in the sales profession.


All the charisma in the world cannot make up for a lack of general intelligence. Candidates who show critical thinking in intelligence testing will be more likely to be able to think on their feet in challenging situations. They will also come across as more informed to prospective customers, enhancing their ability to close a sale and bring in more business.


Effective salespeople understand the importance of self-discipline. In the cutthroat world of sales, it can be easy to become lazy and stop trying. Savvy sales associates are disciplined enough to implement a solid strategic follow-through process. Although some of the important business practices of your company can be learned, the character trait of discipline is generally an innate behavior.


You can always teach your sales staff about your product and how to most effectively sell it. What you cannot teach is charisma. The best salespeople are those that can relate to anybody on any level. Fortunately for hiring managers, a job candidate’s charisma is usually evident right off of the bat.

In the end, it becomes about finding the best match for your company. The right salesperson will have the right personality, be a cultural fit, and will demonstrate the core values of your business. By asking the right questions and looking for these five key qualities, you can ensure that you are hiring the very best sales staff to tackle any challenges in your business.

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