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We all know that there are quite a few automotive industry conferences to choose from and every one of them claims to be the best place to learn how to grow sales at your dealership. Whether you’ Coming from another country or from Kalamazoo, Michigan it’s worth the trip to experience this amazing event.

The Rockstar Auto Conference actually cares about living up to those claims so we do things differently to make sure we aren’t wasting your time or money. What makes us different than every other event you could go to?

  • Every one of our session is unique to Rockstar Auto Conference
  • 80% of our speakers change so you get a different experience every single time
  • We don’t sell speaking sessions so you won’t get a 45 minute sales pitch from anyone
  • We require new speakers to submit a 30 minute speaking video to ensure a quality experience for you
  • Our ticket prices are much lower than every other event becuase our sponsor partners are paying most of the cost
  • We actually worked in the dealership for years so we understand the value of your time when you’re out of the store
  • All the value with none of the fluff! Every rockstar conference speaker session is educational, informative and entertaining
  • 100% Guarantee! If you don’t feel like you got value from the conference, we’ll give you a ticket to the next one absolutely FREE

As the founders of the Rockstar Auto Conference, we have spent years working in dealerships in Michigan so we know how important it is to make sure you have actionable information that you can make money with the moment you get home. This year’s Rockstar Auto Conference will deliver the most powerful information you can find on being effective leaders that inspire growth, sales and overall success in your dealership. We’ll also be showing you the hottest products that are increasing profit in dealerships today PLUS new products that are being launched at Rockstar Auto Conference. This means you’ll have access to the best new tools before any of your competitors!

If you are truly looking for a competitive advantage in your market, make sure you come to the Rockstar Auto Conference. Owners and General Managers it is critical that you attend with your marketing folks. You must commit to the changes that you want in your dealership. You’re the captain of the ship and you cannot lead effectively if you don’t understand and embrace the information that your people are learning. 

If you are an Owner, GM or GSM, click here to contact us about complimentary sponsor tickets today. 

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Sponsor Every Event for One Low Price


Bring them to the Rockstar Auto Conference in Las Vegas and show the world why they should do business with you! At the Rockstar Auto Conference our sponsor partners get to meet with every single attendee at the event so you are guaranteed to build quality relationships. We are looking for sponsor partners who have new products and products that can have a positive impact on dealership sales growth. If that sounds like your company, click here to take a look at our sponsorship opportunities.

Want to do something different like throw a party at the center of Fremont Street? Prefer to sponsor the manuals that everyone will take home or provide some wicked sweet swag? If you don’t see a package that fits your desire, or your budget, click here to contact us directly and we’ll work with you to find a solution that’s perfect for you. 


Tired of deciding which events to sponsor each year? You can become a Sponsor partner member of Rockstar Auto Conference and you’ll always have a presence as a sponsor at every Rockstar Auto Conference Event. Never again will you have to decide which event to go to becuase you’ll have great visibility at no less than two Rockstar Events each year plus the opportunity to be at every regional event. Best of all, you can be a member with just a small monthly investment. Contact us to learn more.

100% Sponsor Guarantee

We are so sure that you’re going to build great relationships when sponsoring the Rockstar Auto Conference, we will guarantee it! If you don’t feel like the Rockstar Auto Conference was an event worth attending, you have 60 days to contact us after the event to get the same package absolutely FREE at the next event. No other event offers that guarantee!

We want sponsor partners who are as passionate as we are about helping this industry flourish so if that’s you, join the Rockstar Revolution today!










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